The TRM Staff has over 30 years experience in construction security technology that addresses the issues. Effectiveness in Construction Security many times is not what you know but who you know. Knowing your opponents mind and activities allow for more cost effective security measures. Theft and vandalism outside the contractor’s company are perpetrated by two types of individuals – the impulsive and the habitual person. Keeping a construction site secure is just as important to the owner as it is for the contractor. Community awareness and involvement is one vital element to a successful security program. Upon commencement of a project, flyers are sent to neighbors, neighborhood watch committees, and local law enforcement agencies notifying them of a construction project in their area. The flyer provides a brief description of the project, estimated completion dates, law enforcement agencies in the area, as well as a 24 hour phone number to contact TRM.

Of the 8,760 hours in a year approximately 80% are unoccupied by construction activities. This allows opportunities for possible theft and vandalism on the project and is an attraction for children to play. These projects are monitored nightly in the Kansas City metropolitan area and other areas as needed. These documented visits to the projects allow for checking traffic signing as well as staying in touch with the project staff and law enforcement agencies.

TRM can provide on site remote video project monitoring to allow project engineers, subcontractors, and owners to view and document daily activities from their office computer. This same technology is used to monitor security activities after hours.

TRM is a licensed security agency with the Kansas City Missouri Police Department. This allows it to assist Clarkson and its subsidiaries in reducing the liability from negligent employment practices i.e., negligent hiring, suspended drivers licenses, DOT compliance, etc. TRM has direct computer connection to the KCPD Alert System. This allows for driver’s license checks, record checks, and vehicle license checks when necessary.

TRM project security monitoring and maintenance:

Community and law enforcement notification of construction project, Full and random on-site Security Guard Patrol, Fix security and safety problems on-site as observed and report  it to  project supervisory via security check sticker, Direct computer access for record and license checks, Medco Level 2 keys and locks for all companies and projects. TRM designed special lock enclosures for use on all job-site trailers, Pre and post alarm video monitoring with auto dial modems to any location via phone line, Actively train law enforcement on Construction Crime, Trace System Marking of tools and equipment, Security and certified training identification cards.