Risk Assessment Surveys:
Security & Loss Prevention
Environmental Impact Phase I 
Sound Level Monitoring (Dosimeter and Chart Recording) 
Air Sample Monitoring (PM10) 
Environmental Assessments and Exposure Controls
Blasting Vibration Analysis 
Emergency Response and Disaster Management 
Lead Exposure & Monitoring

Vibrations from blasting or construction activities are monitored with the state of the art computer based seismographs. This electronic data is downloaded, analyzed and graphed for the most effective production while minimizing the efforts of vibration.

Key Safety Talk Books (Book A, Book B, and Book C) 
Tri-fold Safety Packet (for reporting Worker’s Comp)
General Liability, EEO /Took Box Talks
Employee Right-To-Know MSDS Manual
Basic Blasting and Vibration Control 
10 Hour OSHA Construction Training Course (Certified)
Confined Space Permitted Entry
Electrical & Equipment Grounding
Construction Traffic Control and Signing
Lockout Tagout 
Crane Safety and Inspection
Trenching and Excavation
First Aid & CPR Training
Over 100 training videos
Interactive CD’s
Task specific technical materials in all areas.

Project Documentation:
Video taping and aerial photographs document construction activities, and any construction signing in place, protecting both the contractor and their client. 
TRM provides cameras to each foreman for immediate documentation of project and accident events. All project slides and videos are dated and stored for future reference.