Part of TRMís success in claims management involves the video and aerial photographing of projects. Having pre and post-accident photos provide better defense measures, more accurate accident reconstruction and video animations and modeling. 

 Manage Clarkson and its entitiesí involvement in the ARTIC Captive Insurance Program.

Workersí Compensation:
TRM looks for and provides the best emergency medical care, clinics, hospitals and specialty doctors for itís employees.

Clinics and physicians are contracted near the construction projects to determine their capabilities for medical treatment for occupational injuries.

 Direct communications with physician, case managers, and field supervisors to expedite a meaningful and safe modified duty position in the work place.

Any lost time accident is immediately investigated and reported to the General Superintendent of that company for immediate attention.

Benefit Administration:
Health Insurance, Dental Insurance, Long Term Disability Insurance, Life Insurance, Cafeteria Plan, 401(k) Profit Sharing