Core Values

Since the first road was paved and the first bridge built, the Company has established a legacy of integrity, fairness and quality in all of its operations. The Total Risk family is committed to People - our employees and the Community. It is by having Integrity, being Honest and Fair that we can focus on Safety and Service, joining together as a Team to provide innovative solutions, deliver a quality product and ensure personal and professional success.

Our Core Values are:  

ETHICS - Our responsibility is to the community and the public that we serve; to always act with the highest principles standards.

INTEGRITY - Honesty, fairness and sincerity drive our relationships with one another, the community and the public.

CIVIC MINDED - Being actively involved in community concerns, giving back through service and bulding relationships with the public are cornerstones of our daily operations.

SAFETY - The security, health and safety of our employees, the community and the public are of paramount concern, pervading all of our activities.

EXCELLENCE - Pursuing state of the art and innovative designs, while focusing on achieving zero defects and zero accidents makes us accountable to the community and the public for our work.

COMMITMENT - People are our greatest asset; dedication to open communication and continuous learning is a hallmark of our success and reputation.